Control Seminar

Progress towards Battery-Health Conscious Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Power Management Algorithms

Hosam K. FathyDr.University of Michigan

This talk will consist of five segments. The first segment will briefly explore the potential impact of vehicle-to-grid (V2G) integration via plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) on the sustainability and resilience of the transportation and electric power infrastructures. This will motivate the second segment, which will present a stochastic dynamic programming-based optimal PHEV power management algorithm that allows for controlled battery charge depletion and carefully weighs the cost of such depletion vis-à-vis fuel cost. The third segment of the talk will examine the impact of battery sizing on such optimal PHEV power management, paying special attention to how this impact is influenced by the stochastic distribution of expected trip durations. This will motivate the talk’s primary conclusion, namely, that there is a strong need for battery health-conscious PHEV power management algorithms in V2G systems. With this conclusion in mind, the fourth segment of the talk will present a continuum electrochemistry-based model of health degradation in Lithium-ion battery cells. The need for balancing the complexity of this model versus its fidelity will motivate the final segment of the talk, which will briefly discuss importance analysis: a novel energy-based, correlation-based, but realization-preserving model reduction algorithm. The talk will conclude by outlining future steps towards battery health-conscious PHEV power management algorithms.

Sponsored by

Eaton, Ford, General Motors, Toyota and Whirlpool