Communications and Signal Processing Seminar

New communication strategies in broadcast and interference networks.

S. Sandeep PradhanAssociate ProfessorUniversity of Michigan - Dept. of EECS

The prevalent trend in information theory has been to obtain performance limits of communication usng Shannon's random coding arguments and its multi-terminal extensions, and in coding theory, the goal has been to achieve these limits using algebraic-structured codes with low-complexity encoding and decoding algorithms. It turns out that in multi-terminal communication, algebraic structure takes a more fundamental role. Codes with this structure perform better than random unstructured codes. Throughput is the main driver of these applications of algebraic codes rather than complexity. We develop a new coding approach based on a synergy of probabilistic of algebraic tools and derive a new characterization of performance limits for broadcast and interference networks. This is a joint work with graduate students, Arun Padakandla and Aria Sahebi.

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