Dissertation Defense

New Architectures for Low-Complexity Scalable Phased Arrays

Fatemeh Akbar


Inspired by the unique advantages of phased arrays in communication and radar systems, such as increasing the channel capacity, signal-to-noise ratio, directivity, and radar resolution, my research focuses on presenting new architectures for low-complexity scalable phased arrays to facilitate their widespread use in communication and radar systems. In phased arrays, phase shifters are the key components responsible for adjusting the signal phase across the array elements. In general, phase shifters and their control circuitry play a significant role in determining the complexity and size of conventional phased arrays. New architectures and design techniques for scalable phased arrays with reduced number of phase shifters, low complexity, and small size have been devised and will be presented in this defense. Design approach and performance of a limited-scan Ku-band and a wide-scan K-band scalable phased array where the number of phase shifters are reduced by at least a factor of two will be presented. The integrated phased arrays, designed based on the proposed architectures, have a potential to be utilized in commercial applications such as 5G communications and automotive radars for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicles.

I will also present new circuit topologies for integrated phase shifters operating at K and Ka bands with low power consumption, compact size, and simple control mechanism, designed for reducing the complexity, size, and power consumption of phased arrays.

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Amir Mortazawi