Distinguished Lecture | ECE Alumni Award Seminar

My Journey in Enabling 100M+ Intelligent Things

Dr. Scott HansonChief Technology Officer, FounderAmbiq
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Dr. Scott Hanson is the 2020 ECE Rising Star Alumni Award Recipient. 


Ambiq spun out of the University of Michigan in 2010 with one goal: to put intelligence everywhere.  A decade later, Ambiq has added intelligence to more than 100 million wearables, hearables, smart cards, industrial sensors, and medical devices.  In this talk, I’ll give some insight on the journey of building Ambiq from University-backed research project to 150+ person company building chips for the world’s biggest brands.  I’ll walk through some of our latest low power circuit innovations and where we’re going next.  I’ll also talk about what new innovations we need from you at the University of Michigan to enable 100 BILLION smart things.


Scott Hanson is the Chief Technology Officer and founder of Ambiq.  Scott invented SPOT, Ambiq’s core sub-threshold technology platform, to enable the world’s most energy-efficient chips during his PhD studies at the University of Michigan. He founded Ambiq in 2010 and led the development of the world record-setting Apollo, Ambiq’s first flagship processor.  Under Scott’s leadership, Ambiq has shipped more than 100 million chips to the world’s top brands and has grown into the global leader in ultra-low power solutions.   

In addition to his role as CTO, he has variously played roles leading product definition and development, managing production test, and, most importantly, spending a great deal of time with customers to understand their needs and their vision. As a widely recognized innovator in low power circuits, Scott today leads the development of Ambiq’s technology roadmap.

Scott’s pioneering work in sub-threshold design and picowatt processors has been widely published, with more than 30 leading publications, more than 20 patents on related technology, and a wide variety of speaking engagements.  Scott’s work was honored by the University of Michigan with the 2014 Arbor Networks PhD Research Impact Award and the 2020 ECE Alumni Rising Star Award and was honored by Ernst & Young as an Entrepreneur of the Year 2020 finalist.

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