Dissertation Defense

Microsystem Design and Package Integration Concepts for Pipeline and Downhole Monitoring

Neeharika Vellaluru


The design and realization of autonomous microsystems for data collection in pipeline monitoring and downhole environments in oil and gas exploration is presented.  In these applications, the high temperature and high pressure downhole environments, combined with small diameters, present numerous challenges; for successful operation, all system components must be designed in tandem to operate seamlessly together.  Microsystems that incorporate pressure, temperature, and inertial sensing elements, interface electronics, communication elements, and power management elements are reported.  A new package integration approach that permits deployment, retrieval, and reusability of electronic and sensing elements within a density-controlled package has also been developed.  The systems can operate at pressure levels up to 70 MPa, and, except as limited by the available battery, at temperatures up to 160°C.  Fabricated microsystems have been successfully tested by repeated deployment in an operational oil well.  A scalable fabrication method for rechargeable nickel‑zinc microbatteries for potential use in powering millimeter-scale autonomous microsystems is also presented.

Chairs: Professor Yogesh Gianchandani and Professor Tao Li

Remote Access: https://bluejeans.com/591244121