LNF Seminar

Microlithography – Identifying and Optimizing Your Lithography Needs

Greg AllionLithography Tool EngineerLNF

Photolithography utilizes UV sensitive polymers to define patterns down to a range of 0.5 microns. This patterning methodology is critical for integrated circuits and MEMS devices.
This presentation will give the user the basic knowledge for developing lithography techniques. It will begin with the basics of photolithography, discussing the options for patterning wafers and pieces. This will lead into choices of photoresist and methods for improving patterning. Spinning techniques for not only getting appropriate resist thicknesses, but uniform coatings. Exposure times and equipment will be determined by resist and thickness, as well as develop times and tools. Depending on resist profiles required, changes can be made in the process parameters. Finally the LNF lithography equipment will be discussed, from mask making to spinners to aligners, and developing and where the lithography processing should be performed.

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