Distinguished Lecture

Mehdi Hatamian: 30 Years in the Life of a Super Happy Michigan Alumnus

Mehdi HatamianECE Alumni Society Merit Award WinnerVice President of Engineering for DSP Microelectronics, Broadcom Corporation

This talk is a compression of the past 30 years of my life into 50 minutes! I have never done it this way before; I am not going to prepare for it either. I will show a few slides but for the most part it will be spontaneous, real-time, and unpredicted. I promise it will be highly unorganized but fun and informative (I think). We will talk about everything you can imagine from the state-of-the-art technologies to social life, to elements of happiness, to entrepreneurship, to making money, using it and losing it and making it again and losing it again, to the definition of success, to friendship, to photography, to toys and fast cars, and so on. There will be no introduction slide in this talk and no conclusion either. I hope this unconventional abstract raises your curiosity enough to attend and make it standing-room only but, more importantly, I hope you walk away with a few bytes of useful information you can put to use at some point in your life.
Dr. Hatamian is a recognized expert in high-speed VLSI signal processing, image processing and compression, full-custom and low power circuit and architecture design, adaptive filtering, Gigabit Ethernet transceiver design, high-density deep sub-micron CMOS design, high temperature superconductors, and biomedical electronics.

He has nearly 50 published articles, and holds 54 patents. He became an IEEE Fellow for his contributions to the design of high-performance digital signal processors. He is co-founder of Smart Medical Technologies Inc. and Metrics Corp.

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