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Invited Talk as 2014 Arbor Networks Ph.D. Research Impact Award Winner

Scott HansonFounder, CTO, and VP of EngineeringAmbiq Micro, Inc.

Dr. Hanson will deliver an opening talk at the Engineering Graduate Symposium as the recipient of the 2014 Arbor Networks Ph.D. Research Impact Award.

Scott Hanson (BSE MSE PhD EE) is the co-founder, Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Engineering of Ambiq Micro, a startup semiconductor company that has big plans to lead the low-power revolution in electronics by powering the Internet of Things.

Scott took advantage of several entrepreneurship opportunities at Michigan while developing the technology that would launch Ambiq Micro. He was part of the Mentor-in-Resident program at the Michigan Venture Center, and took first place in the 2010 Michigan Business Challenge, a feat that was reported in the New York Times.The same year he won a $250,000 prize from Draper Fisher Jurvetson and Cisco as part of a co-sponsored Global Business Plan Competition for university and business school students.

At the heart of Ambiq Micro's game-changing technology is SPOTÂ,, which stands for Subthreshold Power Optimized Technology. Ambiq's SPOT technology enables semiconductor products to operate at ultra-low voltage levels inside the chip, increasing energy efficiency by requiring much less power to function.

The resulting chips are said to be the world's lowest-power chips of their kind. These chips also take over functions that currently involve other chips in order to reduce the overall power usage of the device even further,

With its ability to vastly extend the charge life of very small electronics, Ambiq Micro's technology has a wide variety of potential applications.

Dr. Hanson has become a recognized expert in the field and speaks widely on energy-efficient circuits. He has more than 30 publications and 7 patent filings on related technology, and continues to guide the company's product development and new technology development efforts.

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