Solid-State and Nano Seminar

IntelliSuite Workshop: An end-to-end Solution for MEMS Design and Simulation

Tom HallApplication Manager at IntelliSuite

This free workshop will introduce cutting-edge methodology and tools for MEMS/NEMS design, analysis, fabrication simulation, and more. Attendees will learn more about the IntelliSuite family of tools, view live demonstrations, get a first look at the newest software version, and have the opportunity to try some hands-on tutorials.


12:15 Registration and Coffee

12:30 Welcome and Introduction to IntelliSuite v8.7

1:00 Device Simulation

  • Overview of IntelliSense's Fastfield Multiphysics simulators and behavioral analysis tool
  • Live Demo: Simulation of magnetostrictive devices with ThermoElectroMechanical (TEM)
  • Live Demo: Behavioral and Parametric modeling with SYNPLE

1:45 CleanRoom Process Tool Suite

  • In-depth look at IntelliSense's process simulation tools
  • Live Demo 1: MUMPs process flow generation with IntelliFab and visualizing with FabSim
  • Live Demo 2: Anisotropic etch simulation with IntelliEtchG

2:15 Break

2:30 Hands-on Tutorials

  • Comb drive layout design and parametric scripting with Blueprint
  • Physical process simulation with FabSim
  • Working with and converting 2D layouts and 3D models

3:30 What's coming next with IntelliSuite v8.8?

  • Enhanced Blueprint drawing tools and Hexpresso meshing capability
  • New process simulation and device simulation features
  • System simulation enhancements and parametric analysis features

3:50 Wrap-up and closing comments

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