RADLAB Seminar

Integral Equation Based EM-Circuit Co-Simulation

Professor Vikram Jandhyala

This talk will summarize several simulation challenges and possible solution methods in order to address the real-world problems associated with chip, package, and board level simulation for power and signal integrity. The underlying methodology is based on well-known integral equation methods.

Approaches for fast solution, parallelization, robust iterative convergence, co-simulation with SPICE, and fast parametric modeling will be discussed.

Dr. Jandhyala's research interests are related in general to fast field simulation and design across several engineering and scientific fields.

Prior to his faculty position at the University of Washington, he co-developed the steepest-descent fast-multipole method as part of his graduate work at the University of Illinois. After his PhD, He was involved in the acceleration of Ansoft Corporation's integral equation solvers, and co-developed a fast-multipole-based integral equation solver for Ansoft SI3D, a signal integrity and parasitic simulation tool. He received his promotion to Associate Professorship with tenure at the University of Washington in 2005. He and his students developed the PILOT simulation software suite for rapid field simulation in microelectronics that is now licensed by the University of Washington.

He has published simulation software for an undergraduate EM textbook, and more than 125 journal papers and papers on his research in refereed conference proceedings, and serves as a reviewer for several IEEE transactions and conferences, government agencies, publishing houses, and on the TPC committees of the APS, DAC, and ICCAD conferences. He is a senior member of the IEEE and a full member of URSI Commission B and has served as a consultant to government agencies and contractors, large corporations, and startups. He directs the Advanced Computational Engineering Lab at the University of Washington

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