Solid-State and Nano Seminar

Hands-on MEMS Simulation Using COMSOL

Dr. Chandan KumarCOMSOL Application Engineer

In this Workshop, we will focus on COMSOL's MEMS Module which encompasses easy-to-use tools for the study of MEMS devices. Important applications include simulations of Pressure sensors, Gyroscopes, electrokinetic and Piezoelectric Microgripper.


1- Learn the capabilities of the MEMS module in COMSOL in modeling a range of MEMS devices including electrostatically actuated resonators, accelerometers, piezoelectric devices and thermal actuators

2- Examine COMSOL's in-built interfaces to couple various phenomenon related to Mechanical, Electrical, Thermal and Fluid effects required for modeling a MEMS device

3- Work through few MEMS related example models with a COMSOL engineer

4- Closing Comments and Wrap up

Chandan Kumar is an Applications Engineer in COMSOL's Burlington office. He joined COMSOL in the year 2009. His expertise is in the area of Structural Mechanics. He received his Ph.D. from Penn State University, where his re search focused on modeling growth and self-assembly of semiconductor nanocrystals using theories from stochastic calculus, structural dynamics and surface diffusion.

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NNIN Compuation Program (NNIN/C)