Dissertation Defense

GaN Integrated Microsystems for RF Applications

Azadeh AnsariPhD Candidate

Abstract: Group III-V semiconductors have attracted extensive attention recently due to their superior material properties and have revolutionized the optoelectronic and electronic industries. Among them, GaN is of particular interest because of its wide band gap and strong piezoelectric properties that can be used in sensing as well as timing applications. Most importantly, GaN-based hetero-structures take advantage of a highly-conductive two-dimensional electron gas (2DEG) sheet induced at their interface, that extends its research horizons to diverse scientific and multi-disciplinary fields.
To fully unlock the potential of GaN and add more functionalities to such a fast-growing semiconductor technology, it is important to bring together GaN-based acoustic and semiconducting devices. This talk discusses various platforms for integration of GaN-based electro-acoustic devices, GaN MEMS, AlGaN/GaN high electron mobility transistors (HEMTs) and resonant HEMTs. Such GaN MMICs can be used in RF front-ends to save area, power, increase the energy efficiency, operate at higher frequencies and improve the noise performance compared to the state-of-the art transceiver modules.
Furthermore, this talk covers the interplay between the 2-DEG and strain in AlGaN/GaN hetero-structures, as well as the "acousto-electric" effect. Such unique features give rise to a completely novel class of electro-acoustic devices (e.g. acoustic diodes) that can add directionality to acoustic wave propagation and enable non-reciprocal communication.

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Chair: Mina Rais-Zadeh