Dissertation Defense

Efficient Algorithms for Light Transmission, Focusing and Scattering Matrix Retrieval in Highly Diffusive 3D Random Media

Han Guo


Wavefront shaping provides an increasingly appealing avenue for imaging and other applications that require controlling electromagnetic waves passing through complex and disordered media. Indeed, these techniques allow researchers and engineers to exploit the properties of high-frequency waves, particularly optical ones, as they interact with these media to obtain nearly perfect transmission and a high degree of focusing. Here, we simulate the process of wave propagation in 3D random media using full-wave, integral equation-based computational electromagnetics schemes. We replicate many experimental observations relating to the existence of so-called open channels in random media and the distribution of their transmission coefficients. Furthermore, we develop new schemes for manipulating these waves, e.g. by focusing them onto one or multiple spots in the output plane. Finally, we leverage the computational methods to develop new schemes for characterizing random media, e.g. by computing their scattering and transmission matrices under a variety of conditions.

Sponsored by

Professors Eric Michielssen and Raj Rao Nadakuditi