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ECE Expeditions: NASA

Adam SchlesingerProject Lead Engineer for Gateway’s Habitation and Logistics Outpost (HALO) elementNASA Johnson Space CenterDeputy Manager for the AES Avionics and Software projectNASA Johnson Space Center

Zoom information will be shared via email with confirmed students.

All ECE students are encouraged to register for a virtual ECE Expedition with NASA. The event will include:

  • Welcome, Introduction and Overview of NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC)
  • Overview of JSC Major Programs, Focus Areas and ECE-Related Capabilities
  • Humanoid Robot (Robonaut2) Demonstration
  • Why we are going back to the Moon
  • How we are going back to the Moon (Artemis Program Introduction)
  • Artemis Notional Roadmap
  • Overview of NASA Partnership, Internship and Research Opportunities
  • Q&A Session with NASA JSC University of Michigan Engineering Graduates

Questions can be directed to Ann Stals (amriggs).


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