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ECE Expedition: Bay Area


strong>What are ECE Expeditions? An initiative launched by the ECE Alumni Advisory Council, the expeditions serve as a means for ECE students to learn about the role of electrical and computer engineers in a variety of companies and fields. The expeditions also allow students to learn about different business and company atmospheres. The Expeditions program will visit major cities/regions across the country, with the inaugural program showcasing local industries.

Why should I participate in ECE Expeditions? You should participate if you are curious about what projects and activities current EE and CE professionals do in the workplace. If you are also undecided about what field you want to pursue in ECE, or the type of company you are interested in working for, the Expedition program can also be beneficial.

Who is eligible to participate in ECE Expeditions? ECE Expeditions are open to all ECE students. All students who wish to attend ECE Expedition: Bay Area are responsible for providing $300 towards their travel costs.

When would I have to be available for the Bay Area Expedition? All students will depart from Detroit Metro Airport on Sunday, February 26 and return Wednesday March 1. Students will visit 6-8 companies during this expedition, and all meals will be provided. Further travel information and instructions will provided to selected students.

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