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Jodie Broadwater, B.S.E. (C.E) 2000, M.S., 2010; Delivery/Team Lead- TWOS Exit Program, FORD

John Clark, B.S.E. (E.E.)1996, M.S.E. (E.E.)1998, PhD (E.E.) 2003, CTO, MEMS Technology, Micrel

David Lemmerhirt, M.S.E. (E.E.) '99, Ph.D. "05; Senior R&D Engineer, Sonetics Ultrasound, Inc.

Cynthia Sheng, M.S.E. (E.E.Sys.) "93; Senior Product Manager, Cisco Systems

Michael Blommer, M.S.E. (E.E.Sys.) '90, Ph.D. "96;
Technical Leader, FORD
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