MICL Seminar

Design techniques of SAR ADCs

Junhua ShenIC Design EngineerAnalog Devices, Inc.

SAR ADCs have received much interest in the past few years for its efficiency as well as scalability in advanced nodes. In this talk we'll go over a variety of useful techniques that either improves resolution, speed, or efficiency. We'll also touch on some calibration techniques and conclude with a few practical design issues.

Junhua Shen joined ADI Wilmington in Feb. 2010 as an IC Design Engineer. His technical focus has been on high performance SAR ADCs in the past few years. Junhua Shen was the co-recipient of 2013 JSSC Best Paper Award. He holds 6 issued US patents on ADCs and has more pending. Junhua Shen received his Bachelor's degree from Zhejiang University in China in 2002, M.Phil from The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2004, and PhD from Columbia University in 2010, with research focus on ultra-low voltage (0.5V) and low power pipelined ADCs.

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