MICL Seminar

Continuous-time Pipeline ADC

Hajime ShibataDesign EngineerAnalog Devices

An oversampled continuous-time pipeline ADC
clocked at 9 GHz achieving 1.125 GHz bandwidth and "“164
dBFS/Hz average small-signal noise density is discussed. In contrast
to traditional discrete-time pipeline ADCs, the system processes
the signals in continuous-time form throughout all the
pipeline stages and thus sampling-induced artifacts such as
aliasing and high peak ADC driving current are mitigated. Despite
the oversampled nature of the ADC, its digitization bandwidth
is on par with that of traditional non-interleaved discretetime
pipeline ADCs since continuous-time signal processing is
not constrained by settling time requirements. The ADC was
fabricated in a 28 nm CMOS process technology and consumes
2.3 W.
Hajime Shibata received BE and ME degrees in electrical
engineering from the University of Electro-Communications,
Tokyo, Japan, in 1997 and 1999, respectively, and the Dr. Eng.
Degree from Tokyo Institute of Technology in 2002. Since 2002,
he has been with Analog Devices, where he is working on
continuous-time ΔΣ and continuous-time pipeline analog-to-digital
converter designs.

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Faculty Host

Mike Flynn