MPEL Seminar

Clean Energy for All…Using Loads

Sila KiliccoteManaging DirectorStanford University

Power systems around the world are going through major transitions driven by new technologies, evolving policies and markets . While enabling 100% clean energy for all requires a multi-disciplinary and multi-stakeholder approach, this talk will focus on the use of load flexibility for clean energy adoption. Load flexibility, also known as demand response, has been identified as one of the lowest cost resources to facilitate the adoption of renewable energy. This talk will cover lessons learned from over 10 years of research in demand response and discuss how demand response resources, along with other distributed energy resources can be used for planning and operating the distribution grid.
Sila Kiliccote is the Managing Director of Grid Innovations at Stanford Precourt Institute for Energy and the leader of Grid Integration, Systems and Mobility (GISMo) department at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory. She is the principal investigator for big data analytics projects for distributed energy resource integration with distribution grid. Prior to joining SLAC, she held a part-time position as a demand response expert at Google. She also spent over 10 years at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory as a deputy of the Demand Response Research Center and led the grid integration initiatives. Sila served as the Co-Chair of the ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings in 2014. Sila received SLAC's Director's Award in 2017, C3E Research Leadership Award in 2014 and GridWeek Leadership in Smart Grid Acceleration Award in 2010.

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Johanna Mathieu