WIMS Seminar

Applications of Ultrasound to MEMS

Professor Amit Lal

School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Cornell University
402 Phillips Hall
Ithaca, NY. 14853
[email protected]

The piezoelectric PZT/silicon composite laminate used as an actuator will be described. Its application to microfluidics has led to integration of pumping, sample concentration, and novel acoustic assays in a battery operated assay system. The PZT/Si laminate used in surface micromachine actuation has led to low power micromotors and large-scale hinged-structure assembly. The laminate applied to high-intensity actuators has led to the development of ultrasonic horns for microsurgery with integrated sensors and actuators. Excitation of laminates with charge collected from radioactive thin films and feasibility of self-powered MEMS will be discussed.

Amit Lal (B.S. Electrical Engineering, California Institute of Technology, 1990; Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley, 1996). Assistant Professor: Cornell University, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Research interests are in novel micromachining techniques, ultrasonics, piezoelectric actuators, and biomedical MEMS. He has published several papers in journals and MEMS conferences and book chapters on acoustic and nanoscale MEMS. At present he is focused on the development of silicon-based high-intensity actuator technology for biomedical systems, microfluidics, and surface micromachine actuation. He is also a recipient of the NSF CAREER award.

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