CSPL Technical Reports

If a Communications and Signal Processing (CSPL) technical report is not available on-line, please contact the author(s) directly.

wdt_ID Number Title Author & Date
1 TR 421 A Distributed Mechanism for Public goods Allocation with Dynamic Learning Guarantees   Abhinav Sinha, Achilleas Anastasopoulos, June 12, 2017
2 TR 420 Ordinal Embedding with a Latent Factor Model   Mingyuan Zhang, Nora Farouk, Laura Balzano, March 24, 2017
3 TR 419 A systematic process for evaluating structured perfect Bayesian equilibria in dynamic games with asymmetric information   Deepanshu Vasal, Abhinav Sinha, Achilleas Anastasopoulos, March 14, 2017
4 TR 418 Detection, Synchronization, Channel Estimation and Capacity in UWB Sensor Networks using Compressed Sensing   Shao-Yuan Chen, May 30, 2014
5 TR 417 System Design and Outage Analysis for Cooperative Diversity Wireless Networks   Sungjoon Park, Wayne E. Stark, March 21, 2014
6 TR 416 Cross Layer Analysis and Optimization of Relay Networks   Sanghoon Kim, August 26, 2013
7 TR 415 Generalized Proportional Allocation Mechanism Design for Multi-rate Multicast Service on the Internet   Abhinav Sinha, Achilleas Anastasopoulos, July 8, 2013
8 TR 414 Mechanism Design for Unicast Service on the Internet   Abhinav Sinha, Achilleas Anastasopoulos, May 4, 2013
9 TR 413 Standard Errors of Mean, Variance, and Standard Deviation Estimators   Sangtae Ahn, Jeffrey A Fessler, July 24, 2003
10 TR 412 The equivalence between the one-class and paired support vector machines for nonseparable data   Clayton Scott, October 9, 2012
11 TR 411 System Modeling for Gamma-Ray Imaging Systems   Daniel J Lingenfelter, Jeffrey A Fessler, March 12, 2012
12 TR 410 An interpretation of the Cover and Leung capacity region for the MAC with feedback through stochastic control   A. Anastasopoulos, K. Shon, February 4, 2012
13 TR 409 PERFORMANCE-DRIVEN ENTROPIC INFORMATION FUSION   Kumar Sricharan, Raviv Raich, Alfred O Hero, December 4, 2011
14 TR 407 Guaranteed uncertainty management (GUM) for sensor provisioning in missile defense   Alfred Hero, September 20, 2011
15 TR 406 Energy Delay Tradeoff in Cooperative Communication   Deepanshu Vasal, Achilleas Anastasopoulos, July 15, 2011
16 TR 405 Temporal Features and Kernel Methods for Predicting Sepsis in Postoperative Patients   JooSeuk Kim, James M. Blum, Clayton D. Scott, March 24, 2011
17 TR 404 A stochastic control interpretation of the Cover and Leung region for the MAC with noiseless feedback   Kihyuk Sohn, Achilleas Anastasopoulos, March 24, 2011
18 TR 403 Energy-Delay tradeoff in Multiple Access Channels   A. Anastasopoulos, March 15, 2011
19 TR 402 Transfer Learning for Automatic Gating of Flow Cytometry Data   Gyemin Lee, Lloyd Stoolman, Clayton Scott, February 8, 2011
20 TR 401 EM algorithms for multivariate Gaussian mixture models with truncated and censored data   Gyemin Lee, Clayton Scott, February 8, 2011
21 TR 400 Surrogate losses for cost-sensitive classification with example-dependent costs   Clayton Scott, January 29, 2011
22 TR 399 Empirical estimation of entropy functionals with confidence   Kumar Sricharan, Raviv Raich, Alfred O. Hero III, December 19, 2010
23 TR 398 Estimation of Non-linear functionals of densities with confidence   Kumar Sricharan, Raviv Raich, Alfred O. Hero III, December 19, 2010
24 TR 397 Networked Computing for Structural Health Monitoring   Apoorva Jindal, Mingyan Liu, July 7, 2010
25 TR 396 Order-preserving factor analysis (OPFA)   Arnau Tibau Puig, Ami Wiesel, Alfred O. Hero, May 5, 2011
26 TR 395 Hierarchical Classifi cation of Images with Sparse Approximation   Byungsoo Kim, Jae Young Park, Anna C. Gilbert, Silvio Savarese, April 15, 2010
27 TR 394 Performance Analysis of Physical Layer Network Coding   Jinho Kim, September 22, 2009
28 TR 393 Adaptive Search for Sparse Targets with Informative Priors   Gregory Newstadt, Eran Bashan, Alfred O. Hero III, September 13, 2009
29 TR 392 Design of a CELP Speech Coder and Study of Complexity vs Quality Trade-offs for Different Codebooks   Raghuram Rangarajan, Ramji Venkataramanan, Suresh Kumar Devalapalli, July 7, 2009
30 TR 391 Image Denoising Using Wavelets   Raghuram Rangarajan, Ramji Venkataramanan, Siddharth Shah, July 5, 2009
31 TR 390 Online Methods for Network Endpoint Localization   Derek Justice, Alfred Hero, December 31, 2008
32 TR 388 Transductive Anomaly Detection   Clayton Scott, Gilles Blanchard, September 19, 2008
33 TR 387 End-to-End Energy-Bandwidth Tradeoff in Multi-hop Wireless Networks Changhun Bae and Wayne E. Stark, July, 2008,
34 TR 386 Fundamental Performance Analysis in Image Registration Problems: Cramer-Rao Bound and its Variations Dan Ruan and Jeffrey A. Fessler, March, 2008,
35 TR 385 Adaptive Sampling: Efficient Search Schemes under Resource Constraints. Eran Bashan, Raviv Raich, and Alfred O. Hero III, October, 2007
36 TR 384 A proof of the existence of good nested lattices. Dinesh Krithivasan, and S. Sandeep Pradhan, July, 2007,
37 TR 383 Design and Analysis of Short Packet and Concatenated Coded Communications Systems Kar Peo Yar,, June, 2007,
38 TR 382 Adaptive Ellipse Tracking and Convergence Proof Dan Ruan, Jeffrey A. Fessler,, May, 2007,
39 TR 381 Nonparametric Assessment of Contamination in Multivariate Data Using Minimum Volume Sets and FDR Clayton Scott, Eric Kolaczyk,, Apr, 2007,
40 TR 380 State-Space Architectures for Binaural Environment Modeling Norman H Adams, Mar, 2007,
41 TR 379 Low-Order State-Space Models of Head-Related Transfer Function Arrays Norman H Adams, Mar, 2007,
42 TR 378 Adaptive Energy Allocation for Estimation in Linear Models Raghuram Rangarajan, Raviv Raich, Alfred O. Hero III, Feb, 2007,
43 TR 377 Optimal Sleep Scheduling for a Wireless Sensor Network Node David Shuman, Mingyan Liu,, Nov, 2006,
44 TR 376 Generating Function Analysis of Wireless Networks and ARQ Systems Shihyu Chang, Wayne E. Stark, Achilleas Anastasopoulos, Aug, 2006,
45 TR 375 A graph-based framework for transmission of correlated sources over broadcast channels Suhan Choi, S. Sandeep Pradhan,, Aug, 2006,
46 TR 374 On Large Deviation Analysis of Sampling from Typical Sets Dinesh Krithivasan, S. Sandeep Pradhan,, Jul, 2006,
47 TR 373 Server allocation with delayed state observation: sufficient conditions for the optimality of an index policy Navid Ehsan, Mingyan Liu, May, 2006,
48 TR 372 Low Resolution Scalar Quantization for Gaussian and Laplacian Sources with Absolute and Squared Error Distortion Measures Daniel Marco, David L. Neuhoff, Jan, 2006,
49 TR 371 Saturation Throughput of 802.11 Revisited Tara Javidi, Rajiv Kumar, Mingyan Liu, Oct, 2005,
50 TR 370 Capacity-Achieving Codes with Bounded Graphical Complexity on Noisy Channels Chun-Hao Hsu, Achilleas Anastasopoulos,, Sep, 2005,
51 TR 369 Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation for Low Power Devices with Random Connectivity Navid Ehsan, Mingyan Liu,, Sep, 2005,
52 TR 368 Optimal Server Allocation in Batches Navid Ehsan, Mingyan Liu,, Aug, 2005,
53 TR 367 Controlled Flooding Search with Delay Constraints Nicholas Chang, Mingyan Liu,, Aug, 2005,
54 TR 366 Controlled Flooding Search in a Large Network Nicholas Chang, Mingyan Liu,, Aug, 2005,
55 TR 365 Performance of Wireless Networks with Directional Antennas Ping-Cheng Yeh, Aug, 2005,
56 TR 364 Asymptotic Connectivity of Low Duty-Cycled Wireless Sensor Networks Dongsook Kim, Chih-fan Hsin, Mingyan Liu, Jul, 2005,
57 TR 363 From Saturation to Non-Saturation: A Study on Rajiv Kumar, Tara Javidi, Mingyan Liu, Jul, 2005,
58 TR 362 Stochastic Routing in Ad Hoc Networks Christopher Lott, Demosthenis Teneketzis,, May, 2005,
59 TR 361 Source Coding with Feed-forward: Rate-Distortion Theorems and Error Exponents for a General Source Ramji Venkataramanan,, S. Sandeep Pradhan,, May, 2005,
60 TR 360 Energy-Delay Analysis of MAC Protocols in Wireless Networks SHIHYU CHANG, Wayne E. Stark, Achilleas Anastasopoulos, Mar, 2005,
61 TR 357 Topology Discovery on Unicast Networks: A Hierarchical Approach Based on End-to-End Measurements Meng-Fu Shih, Alfred O. Hero III,, Mar, 2005,
62 TR 356 On the role of feedforward in Gaussian sources: Point-to-point source coding and multiple description source coding S. Sandeep Pradhan, Jan, 2005,
64 TR 354 Design and Analysis of Joint Data Detection and Frequency/Phase Estimation Algorithms Chun-Hao Hsu, Achilleas Anastasopoulos,, Nov, 2004,
65 TR 353 Properties of MM algorithms on convex feasible sets: extended version Matthew W. Jacobson, Jeffrey A. Fessler,, Nov, 2004,
66 TR 352 Asymptotic Weight Distributions of Irregular Repeat-Accumulate Codes Chun-Hao Hsu, Achilleas Anastasopoulos,, Sep, 2004,
67 TR 351 Source coding with feedforward Ramji Venkataramanan, S. Sandeep Pradhan,, Jul, 2004,
68 TR 350 Block Constrained Methods of Fixed-Rate Entropy-Coded Scalar Quantization Ahmed S. Balamesh,, David L. Neuhoff,, May, 2004,
69 TR 349 Time Series Representations for Music Information Retrieval Norman H. Adams, May, 2004,
70 TR 348 An Efficient and Robust Computational Framework for Studying Lifetime and Information Capacity in Sensor Networks Enrique J. Duarte-Melo,, Mingyan Liu,, Archan Misra, Feb, 2004,
71 TR 347 Marker Codes for Channels with Insertion, Deletion and Substitution Errors Daniel Marco, David L. Neuhoff,, Dec, 2003,
72 TR 346 Lifetime Bounds, Optimal Node Distributions and Flow Patterns for Wireless Sensor Networks Enrique J. Duarte-Melo,, Mingyan Liu,, Archan Misra, Dec, 2003,
73 TR 345 Source Coding with feedforward S. Sandeep Pradhan, Dec, 2003,
74 TR 344 Maximum Likelihood decoding of trellis codes in fading channels with no receiver CSI is a polynomial-complexity problem Chun-Hao Hsu, Achilleas Anastasopoulos,, Nov, 2003,
75 TR 343 Error Exponent Region for Gaussian Multiple Access Channels and Gaussian Broadcast Channels Lihua Weng, Achilleas Anastasopoulos, S. Sandeep Pradhan, Nov, 2003,
76 TR 342 Performance of Ultra-Wideband Communication Systems John D. Choi, Wayne E. Stark,, Sep, 2003,
77 TR 341 Achievable rates for multiple access channels with correlated messages S. Sandeep Pradhan, Suhan Choi, Kannan Ramchandran, Aug, 2003,
78 TR 340 Automatic Segmentation of Sung Melodies Norman H Adams, Jul, 2003,
79 TR 339 Automatic Assessment of the Spasmodic Voice Mark A. Bartsch, Jul, 2003,
80 TR 338 Coding and Channel Estimation for Block Fading Channels Salam Adel Zummo, Jun, 2003,
81 TR 336 Performance of Turbo Codes: The Finite Length Case Ali Ozgur Yilmaz, Jun, 2003,
82 TR 335 Relative Location Estimation in Wireless Sensor Networks Neal Patwari, Alfred O. Hero, III, Matt Perkins, Neiyer S. Correal, Robert J. O'Dea, Apr, 2003,
83 TR 334 Asymptotic relations between minimal graphs and alpha-entropy Alfred O. Hero, Jose Costa, Bing Ma, Mar, 2003,
84 TR 333 Data-Gathering Wireless Sensor Networks: Organization and Enrique J. Duarte-Melo, Mingyan Liu,, Nov, 2002,
85 TR 332 Sensitivity Analysis for an Optimal Routing Policy in an Ad Hoc Wireless Network Tara Javidi, Demosethenis Teneketzis,, Oct, 2002,
86 TR 331 Stochastic Routing in Ad hoc Wireless Networks Chris Lott, Demosthenis Teneketzis,, May, 2002,
87 TR 330 Channel Characterization and System Design in Wireless Communications Do-Sik Yoo, Feb, 2002,
88 TR 329 Adaptive Coding for Wireless Data Networks Tingfang Ji, Dec, 2001,
89 TR 328 Alpha Divergence for Classification, Indexing and Retrieval Alfred Hero, Bing Ma, Olivier Michel, Jul, 2001,
90 TR 327 Codes and Iterative Receivers for Wireless Communication Systems Andrew P. Worthen, May, 2001,
91 TR 326 Quantization Strategies for Low-Power Communications Riten Gupta, May, 2001,
92 TR 325 Coding Optimization and Nonlinear Receiver Analysis for Wireless Communications Systems in the Presence of Interference Troy C. Nolan, May, 2001,
93 TR 324 Adaptive Target Detection in Radar Imaging Hyung Soo Kim, Apr, 2001,
94 TR 323 Comparison of GLR and Invariance Methods Applied to Adaptive Target Detection in Structured Clutter Hyung Soo Kim, Alfred O. Hero,, Nov, 2000,
95 TR 322 Performance and Power Optimization of Multicarrier Communication Systems in the Presence of Nonlinear Distortion Je-hong Jong, June, 2000,
96 TR 321 Computing parametric images from dynamic sequences using a QR decomposition method J A Fessler, Jul, 1999,
97 TR 320 Iterative Estimation and Decoding for Channels with Memory Joseph Hyukjoon Kang, Jul, 1999,
98 TR 319 Trellis and Tree Search Algorithms for Equalization and Multiuser Detection Abdulrauf Hafeez, Apr, 1999,
99 TR 318 Coding and Modulation for Wireless Communications with Application to Small Unit Operations Wayne Stark, Victor Cheng, Mike Chu, Tingfang Ji, Joe Kang, Paul Liang, Kurt Metzger, Troy Nolan,, Jan, 1999,
100 TR 317 Theory and Implementation of Minimax ECT Image Reconstruction with MRI Side Information Alfred O. Hero III, Robinson Piramuthu, Steve R. Titus and Jeffrey A. Fessler, August, 1998,
101 TR 316 Generalized Proximal Point Algorithms and Bundle Implementations Stephane Chretien, Alfred Hero, Sep, 1998,
102 TR 315 Asymptotic theory of greedy approximations to minimal K-point random Alfred O. Hero, Olivier Michel, Sep, 1998,
103 TR 314 On Transformations of Random Vectors Jeffrey A. Fessler, Sep, 1998,
104 TR 313 Generalized proximal point algorithms and bundle implementations S. Chretien, A. O. Hero, Apr, 1998,
105 TR 312 Min-Max Emission Imaging using Anatomical Side Information and B-Spline Alfred O. Hero, Robinson, Feb, 1998,
106 TR 311 Turbo Codes for Noncoherent FH-SS with Partial Band Interference Joseph H. Kang, Wayne E. Stark, Nov, 1997,
107 TR 310 PWLS-PCG-3D, 1.0 User's Guide J. A. Fessler, June 1997
108 TR 308 Resolution Properties of Penalized Least-Squares Image Reconstruction with Model Mismatch J. A. Fessler, June 1997
109 TR 307 Moments and Moment Matrices for Invariant Classification of Noise Contaminated Spatial Patterns A. O. Hero, J. O'Neill and W. J. Williams, February 1997
110 TR 306 (n/a) Maximal Invariant Theory Applied to Robust Detection of SAR/IR Targets A. O. Hero, and C. Guillouet, January 1997
111 TR 305 Recursive Algorithms for Computing the Cramer-Rao Bound A. O. Hero, M. Usman, A. Sauve and J. A. Fessler, November 1996
112 TR 304 (n/a) Spreading Gain Control in Random Access Direct-Sequence Spread Spectrum Data Networks S.-J. Oh and K. M. Wasserman, February 1997
113 TR 303 Conjugate-Gradient Preconditioning Methods: Numerical Results J. A. Fessler, January 1997
114 TR 302 Signal Processing Pitfalls in Position Emission Tomography, (Submitted to: IEEE Trans. on Signal Processing) J. A. Fessler and J. M. Ollinger, January 1997
115 TR 301 (n/a) Performance Limits and Optimal Resource Allocation for Coded Multi-User Communication Systems D. L. Goeckel, August 1996
116 TR 300 (n/a) Performance of DS-CDMA Communication Systems with Generalized Offset QPSK Modulation M. A. Landolsi, April 1996
117 TR 299 Long Range Acoustic Propagation Through Internal Wave Fields M. Grabb, April 1996
118 TR 298 (n/a) On Information Structures and Nonsequential Stochastic Control D. Teneketzis, February 1996
119 TR 297 Resolution Properties of Regularized Image Reconstruction Methods J. A. Fessler, August 1995
120 TR 295 (n/a) Optimal Strategies for Communication - Jammer Problems M. A. Klimesh, July 1995
121 TR 293 Aspire 3.0 User's Guide, A Sparse Iterative Reconstruction Library J. A. Fessler, July 1995
122 TR 291 (n/a) Optimal Scheduling and Admission Control in Communication Networks M. Asawa, April 1995
123 TR 289 (n/a) On the Performance of DS/SS Systems in Band-Limited Multipath Environments Y.-P. Wang, February 1995
124 TR 287 (n/a) Optimal Scheduling of Handoffs in Cellular Networks, (Also appeared in: IEEE Trans. on Networking, pp. 428-441, June 1996.) M. Asawa and W. E. Stark, April 1994
125 TR 286 Space Alternating Generalized EM Algorithm, (Also appeared in: IEEE Trans. on Signal Processing, Vol. SP-42, No. 10, pp. 2664-2677, October 1994.) J. A. Fessler and A. O. Hero, February 1994
126 TR 285 Nonlinear-FM Waveform Design Procedure S. Wang and M. Grabb, November 1993
127 TR 284 (n/a) Direct-Sequence Spread-Spectrum Performance in a Multipath Fading Environment T. D. Nebergall, September 1993
128 TR 282/F Asymptotic Convergence Properties of EM-Type Algorithms A. O. Hero,J. A. Fessler, April 1993
129 TR 282/C Detection of Weak, Broadband Signals Under Doppler-Scaled, Multipath Propagation H. S. Chang, September 1992
130 TR 281 (n/a) On the Covergence of EM-Type Algorithms A. O. Hero, March 1992
131 TR 280 (n/a) Channel Coding to Exploit Soft-Decisions and Error-Dependence in Channels with Memory, (Also presented: IEEE Int'l Symposium on Information Theory, San Antonio, TX, January 1993.) M. S. McKinley, August 1992
132 TR 279 (n/a) Coded Modulation for Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum Communications B. D. Woerner, August 1991
133 TR 278 (n/a) Optimal Scheduling of a Finite Capacity Shuttle Under Delayed Information M. P. Van Oyen and D. Teneketzis, February 1991
134 TR 277 Localization of Broadband Ocean Acoustic Sources M. A. Dzieciuch, August 1990
135 TR 276 (n/a) Optimality of Index Policies for Stochastic Scheduling Problems with Switching Penalties, (Also appeared in: Journal of Applied Probability, Vol. 29, pp. 957-966, December 1992.) M. P. Van Oyen, D. G. Pandelis and D. Teneketzis, April 1991
136 TR 275 (n/a) Time-Average and Asymptotically Optimal Flow Control Policies in Networks with Multiple Transmitters, (Also appeared in: Annals of Operations Research, Vol. 35, pp. 327-355, April 1992.) R. M. Bournas, F. J. Beutler and D. Teneketzis, March 1991
137 TR 274 (n/a) Properties of Optimal Hop-by-Hop Allocation Policies in Networks with Multiple Transmitters and Linear Equal Holding Costs, (Also appeared in: IEEE Trans. on Automatic Control, Vol. AC-36, No. 12, pp. 1450-1463, December 1991, and in: Probability in the E R. M. Bournas, F. J. Beutler and D. Teneketzis, March 1991
138 TR 273 (n/a) Optimal Flow Control Allocation Policies in Communication Networks with Priorities, (Also appeared in: IEEE Trans. on Automatic Control, Vol. AC-38, No. 3, pp. 390-403, March 1993.) R. M. Bournas, F. J. Beutler and D. Teneketzis, January 1991
139 TR 272 (n/a) Shared Stimulus Driving and Connectivity in Groups of Neurons in the Dorsal Cochlear Nucleus, (Also appeared in: Hearing Res., Vol. 55, pp. 24-38, 1991.) D. R. Kipke, B. M. Clopton, and D. J. Anderson, January 1991
140 TR 271 (n/a) Trellis-Coded Direct-Sequence Spread-Spectrum Communications, (Also appeared in: IEEE Trans. on Communications, Vol. 43, No. 12, pp. 3161-3170, December 1994.) B. D. Woerner and W. E. Stark, June 1990
141 TR 270 (n/a) Min-Max Simultaneous Detection and Classification A. O. Hero and J. K. Kim, October 1989
142 TR 269 Lower Bounds for Parametric Estimation with Constraints, (Also appeared in: IEEE Trans. on Information Theory, Vol. IT-36, pp. 1285-1301, November 1990.) J. D. Gorman and A. O. Hero, August 1989
143 TR 268 Analysis of Asynchronous Frequency-Hop Spread Spectrum Multiple-Access Networks K.-W. Cheun, July 1989
144 TR 267 (n/a) Finite-State Codes and Input-Constrained Channels Z.-A. Khayrallah, June 1989
145 TR 266 (n/a) Estimating the Key Parameter in Scalar Quantization S. Na and D. L. Neuhoff, January 1989
146 TR 265 Algorithms for Decoding Block Codes, (Also appeared in: SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization, Vol. 30, No. 6, pp. 1447-1475, December 1992.) A. A. Hassan,, December 1988
147 TR 262 Capacity of Frequency-Hop Spread-Spectrum Multiple-Access Communication Systems, (Also appeared in: IEEE Trans. on Communications, pp. 1050-1059, July 1990.) M. V. Hegde and W.E. Stark, October 1988
148 TR 261 (n/a) Information Criteria for SPECT Image Reconstruction and Aperture Optimization, (Also appeared in: IEEE Trans. on Nuclear Science, Vol. NS-37, No. 2, pp. 652-657, April 1990.) L. Shao and A. O. Hero, October 1988
149 TR 260 (n/a) Exact Analysis of the Probability of Error in Asynchronous Frequency-Hop Spread-Spectrum Multiple-Access Networks K. Cheun and W.E. Stark, October 1988
150 TR 259 (n/a) Fine-Course Vector Quantization, (Also appeared in: IEEE Trans. Signal Processing, Vol. 39, pp. 1503-1515, July 1991.) N. Moayeri, D. Neuhoff, and W.E. Stark, September 1988
151 TR 258 (n/a) Asymptotically Efficient Adaptive Allocation Rules for the Multi-Armed Bandit Problem with Switching Cost and M-Plays R. Agrawal, M. Hegde,, D. Teneketzis, August 1988
152 TR 257 (n/a) Information Structures, Causality and Non-Sequential Stochastic Control, Part I: Design-Independent Properties M. S. Andersland and, D. Teneketzis, November 1988
153 TR 256 (n/a) A Signaling Problem Arising in Decentralized Detection D. Teneketzis, April 1989
154 TR 255 (n/a) Timing Estimation for a Filtered Poisson Process in Gaussian Noise, (Also appeared in: IEEE Trans. on Infomation Theory, Vol. IT-37, pp. 92-106, January 1991.) A. O. Hero, March 1988
155 TR 254 (n/a) Asymptotically Efficient Adaptive Allocation Schemes for Controlled Markov Chains: Finite Parameter Space, (Also appeared in: IEEE Trans. on Automatic Control, Vol. AC-34, No. 12, pp. 1249-1259, December 1989.) R. Agrawal and D. Teneketzis, February 1988
156 TR 253 (n/a) Asymptotically Efficient Adaptive Allocation Schemes for Controlled I.I.D. Processes: Finite Parameter Space, (Also appeared in: IEEE Trans. on Automatic Control, Vol. AC-34, No. 3, pp. 258-267, March 1989.) R. Agrawal and D. Teneketzis, February 1988
157 TR 252 (n/a) Optimal Routing in Queueing Networks Under Imperfect Information: Stochastic Dominance, Thresholds, and Convexity F. J. Beutler and D. Teneketzis, December 1987
158 TR 251 (n/a) On the Capacity of Channels with Unknown Interference, (Also appeared in: Stochastics, Vol. 26, pp. 81-100, 1989.) M.V. Hegde, W.E. Stark, D. Teneketzis, August 1987
159 TR 250 (n/a) Performance Analysis of Coded Frequency-Hopped Spread-Spectrum Systems with Unknown Interference M. Hegde, August 1987
160 TR 249 (n/a) Correlation Free Form for Nonlinear Stochastic Systems, (Also appeared in: Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, Vol. 139, pp. 483-495, May 1989.) S.M. Meerkov, T. Runolfsson, Z. Schuss, October 1987
161 TR 248 (n/a) Output Aiming Control, (Also appeared in: Proceeding of the 26th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, Los Angeles, CA, December 1987.) S.M. Meerkov, T. Runolfsson, October 1987
162 TR 247 (n/a) Aiming Control, (Also appeared in: Proceeding of the 25th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, Athens, Greece, December 1986, and in: IEEE Trans. on Information Theory, Vol. 35, No. 4, pp. 770-783, July 1989.) S.M. Meerkov, T. Runolfsson, October 1987
163 TR 246 (n/a) Asymptotically Efficient Adaptive Allocation Rules for the Multi-Armed Bandit Problem with Switching Cost, (Also appeared in: IEEE Trans. on Auto Control, Vol. 33, No. 10, pp. 899-906, October 1988.) R. Agrawal, M. Hegde,, D. Teneketzis, June 1987
164 TR 245 Performance Analysis of Frequency-Hopped Spread-Spectrum Communication Systems with Worst-Case Jamming Interference S.K. Park, March 1987
165 TR 244 Coding for Spread-Spectrum Communications Networks B.G. Kim, March 1987
166 TR 243 Parallel Decoding of Concatenated Coded Spread Spectrum Frequency-Hopped Communications in Partial Band Jamming K.G. Castor, January 1987
167 TR 242 Channel Access Protocols for Multihop Packet Radio Networks S.-T. Wang, November 1986
168 TR 241 (n/a) Coherent and Incoherent Integrations for Autocorrelation Measurement under Stochastic Multipath Propagation R.B. Lee, October 1986
169 TR 240 (n/a) Quadrature-Quadrature Phase Shift Keying D. Saha, September 1986
170 TR 239 (n/a) Decentralized Sensor Scheduling, (Also appeared in: Proceeding of the 5th American Control Conference, Minneapolic, MN, pp. 1676-1681, June 10-12, 1987.) M. Andersland,, D. Teneketzis, July 1986
171 TR 238 (n/a) Information and Coding for Channels with Block Interference J. H. Lee, July 1986
172 TR 237 (n/a) Theory of Markovian Access to Collision Channels: Part III -- Adaptive Protocols, (Also appeared in: IEEE Trans. Communications, Vol. COM-35, pp. 1278-1288, December 1987.) J.-T. Lim, S.M. Meerkov, March 1986
173 TR 236 (n/a) Theory of Markovian Access to Collision Channels: Part II -- Noisy Environment, (Also appeared in: IEEE Trans. Communications, Vol. COM-35, pp. 1278-1288, December 1987.) J.-T. Lim, S.M. Meerkov, March 1986
174 TR 235 (n/a) Theory of Markovian Access to Collision Channels: Part I -- Local Environment, (Also appeared in: IEEE Trans. Communications, Vol. COM-35, pp. 1278-1288, December 1987.) J.-T. Lim, S.M. Meerkov, March 1986
175 TR 234 (n/a) Multiple-Access Capabilities of Frequency-Hopped Spread Spectrum Communication, (Also appeared in: Proceeding of the 1985 IEEE Military Communications Conference, pp. 575-579, October 1985.), M. Hegde, W.E. Stark, February 1986
176 TR 233 (n/a) Signal Detection and Parameter Identification with Application to Underwater Acoustics F. I. Khan,, February 1986
Number Title Author & Date