ECE Staff Committees

Each year, staff are given the opportunity to contribute to the ECE community by joining or leading one of the ECE staff committees. This is a great way to provide important service to the department, while receiving the benefit of increased collegiality with fellow staff.


Goal: Promote a healthy lifestyle in and out of the workplace.

Team Members (FY23): Trasa Burkhardt, Dan Coval, Silvia Dykstra (Team Lead), John Feldkamp, Linda Randolph

SEE – Student Educational Experience 

Goal: Explore creative ways to empower our students with the critical skills & beyond-the-degree experiences required of the engineers who will invent our future.

Team Members (FY23): Nicole Davis, Michele Ruffino, Linda Scovel, Ann Stals (Team Lead)

Green Team

Goal: Help promote sustainability within ECE.

Team members (FY23): Sarah Benoit, Catie Lawrence, Leland Pierce, Linda Randolph, Liz Zaenger

Positive Culture

Goal: Create programming, activities, suggested behavioral changes, workplace initiatives that promote a positive workplace.

Team members (FY23): Catharine June, Nancy Slowey, Kristen Thornton (Team Lead), Punam Vyas