There are a wide variety of calendars available to U-M staff, including several that are solely for ECE staff. To add a calendar to gmail, click on the plus sign (+) next to Other Calendars (found beneath the +Create button, under the monthly calendar and your own calendars), and type in the name of the calendar you want to add. It should appear, along with other calendars of similar names. Here’s a list of some calendars you may find useful.

ECE Calendars

ECE Staff: use this to note any deviations from your regular schedule (ie, vacations, extended periods when you are not available to respond – such as workshops)

Telecommuting calendar: use this to note your typical remote work schedule.

Events: Shows departmental events, such as events for students, distinguished seminars, etc.

ECE Staff Events: A variety of activities are planned for staff. These are all optional.

ECE Faculty Calendar: potentially useful if you support faculty

ECE Central Staff Birthday: add yourself to this calendar to find out everyone’s birthday

Other Calendars

UM North Campus Mindfulness Schedule: typically occurs every Wednesday, 12:00-12:30pm

MHealthy Online Exercise and Relaxation Classes: includes a variety of quick activities (about 15 minutes) during the day

RO Academic Calendar: Includes academic events (start of classes, drop/add), holidays, Spring Break, convocation, exam schedules, and more