Undergraduate Student Spotlights

Camille Burke studies Electrical Engineering. She’s passionate about sustainable energy and environmental justice. She speaks about her work with GRID Alternatives, her experience as president of student activism group “ONE,” what it’s like to be a minority in STEM, and how her mom inspired her to pursue electrical engineering.

Engineering Better Health

Leila Syal (EE) organized an alternative spring break trip with M-HEAL (Michigan Health Engineered for All Lives) to Cusco, Peru. The students operated a mobile clinic with a doctor from a partner organization, reaching as many 600 community members. Learn more >

VR for Child Therapy and 3D gaming

Duncan Abbot (EE) founded the startup “Gwydion” to broaden the possibilities of VR. Their early projects range from therapy in children’s hospitals to helping materials scientists study 3D crystals. Learn more >

The Art of Baja Racing

Michigan Baja racing won the World Championship this year while setting a tournament-record high score. Max Baer (EE) talks about team chemistry and his project tuning the Continuously Variable Transmission. Learn more >

Mini Satellites for Max Communication

Havel Liu (CE & ME) talks about his multidisciplinary design project to revolutionize satellite systems, improve communications during natural disasters, and provide a blueprint for receiving future interplanetary voicemails. Learn more >

The Olympian Engineer

Zach Burns (EE) brought home a silver medal from the Rio De Janeiro Summer Olympics as part of the US Paralympic Rowing Team. Burns’ father is also a U-M alum. Learn more >
Michelle Gehner studies Electrical Engineering. She is passionate about the space industry and serves as president of the Michigan Mars Rover Team (MRover). MRover designs a rover every year that can complete a variety of tasks, including testing soil samples for signs of life. Michelle is also a member of the Michigan Marching band, and talks about how her father and grandfather inspired her to pursue engineering.

Engineers for Education

Sam Tenka (CE) traveled to Ecuador with a team of four multidisciplinary engineers to work with youth who have not had the chance to attend school. As part of the Engineering Honors GO program, the team stayed in the city of Quito for two weeks to aid the Street Children Work project. Learn more >

To Boldly Go

Michelle Gehner (EE), Karthik Urs (CE & ME), Matt Price (CE), and Srinidhi Krishnan (CE) talk about building a rover that seeks out new life, and MRover’s best ever finish at the University Rover Challenge held at the Mars Desert Research Station. Learn more >

Fighting Fake News with Machine Learning

Amulya Parmar majors in CE and Business. He created an AI-powered Whatsapp Bot that fights fake news in India. He talks about designing the machine learning algorithm for the Tavtech Fellowship program. Learn more >

Radio Continues to Connect the World

Reid DesErmia (EE) and Kit Ng (ECE) are member’s of U-M’s Amateur Radio Club. DesErmia talks about how his service in the U.S. Navy got him interested in radio, and Ng talks about the applications of radio to modern engineering problems. Learn more >

Iron Man suits for 1st responders

Owen Winship served as the Electrical and Controls lead of the Michigan team, Strength Augmenting Robotic Exoskeletons (STARX). The team took 1st place in this year’s Applied Collegiate Exoskeleton competition. Learn more >
Anthony is a senior in Computer Engineering. He talks about what it’s like to help develop driverless cars at MCity, why study abroad was the best experience of his life, and his experience navigating college as a first-generation college student.

The Future is Electric

EE students Ethan Novilla and Jacob Kromm and CE student Michael Reber talk about what it’s like to be a part of Michigan Electric Racing and how they transitioned from a hybrid vehicle to a fully electric vehicle. Learn more >

Hitting the High Notes

EE and Vocal Performance major, Alexandria Strother, won the 2015 Miss Washtenaw County pageant. She has become a poplar advocate for STEM and she continues to pursue her passions in performance and power and energy. Learn more >

Exploring the world of Terahertz

Samir Nooshabadi (EE) is interested in solving fundamental problems in teraherz design so that the technology can be used in a wide variety of applications. He talks about his research designing tiny transmitters which can operate based on a terahertz source. Learn more >