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Electrical Engineering Minor

Program Information

A Minor in Electrical Engineering (EE) provides an avenue for a diverse education for students and can enhance your experience with any number of other fields. EE provides you with all the tools you need to be a leader in technology, scientific discovery, or any career of your choice. Not to mention, EE gives you some of employers’ most sought-after skillsets!

Program Information

  • Takes a minimum of 15 credits to complete
  • Open to all majors except Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering
  • Choose from a wide range of electives (28 courses!)

For more information about the structure of this program, see the guide below:

Many program options and applications, including:

Circuits and Solid State

○ Biomedical Devices
○ Electronics of Any Kind 
○ Environmental Monitoring
○ Sensing Applications 
○ Computers
○ Energy-Saving Devices 
○ Lighting and Displays
○ High and Low Power Circuits 

Electromagnetics and Optics

○ Antennas
○ Homeland Security 
○ Remote Sensing
○ Weather and Environment 
○ Biomedical Applications
○ Laser Applications 
○ Space Applications
○ Wireless Technologies 

Systems (Communications, Control, Signal Processing)

○ Energy and Power Systems
○ Musical Devices
○ Information Technology
○ Robotics 
○ Electric Vehicles
○ Medical Scans 
○ Networks
○ Statistics

The EE Minor is a great option for students in the following majors:

  • Engineering Majors – EE impacts all current engineering practice
  • Business – high tech entrepreneurship, technology industry
  • Life Sciences and Pre-Med – electronics, signal processing, electromagnetics for patient treatment
  • Mathematics – algorithms for a wide variety of applications
  • Physical Sciences – complex electronics and signal processing to collect and analyze data
  • Pre-Law – patents, energy, transportation, medicine