Electrical and Computer Engineering
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Undergraduate Programs in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Why Choose EE/CE?

Trying to decide what to major in? Find out what’s in store for you as a major in electrical or computer engineering. Learn more >

Top 10 Reasons

View our Top 10 Reasons why you should pursue ECE at Michigan.
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Computer Engineering (Major)

Computer Engineering majors have careers anywhere there are computers, which is virtually everywhere. Our graduates can be found doing anything from designing controllers embedded in cars up to building the latest hot game. Learn more >

Electrical Engineering (Major)

Electrical engineering is all about information and energy. Electrical engineers control things, sense things, power things, design and build electronic devices, process signals, design computers, connect things and people – and lots more. Learn more >

Electrical Engineering (Minor)

A Minor in Electrical Engineering provides an avenue for a diverse education for students outside of the EECS department, and can enhance your experience with any number of other fields. Learn more >