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Advising + Academic Information

This is the place to come for general information about advising and academics for electrical engineering and computer engineering students.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for, please contact eceadvising@umich.edu

If you think a current student may help, contact one of the undergraduate Student Ambassadors.

Advising Office

Stop by 3415 EECS to set up an advising appointment, ask questions, and get a glimpse of who the advisors are. Go there now >

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, many people have asked these questions. If you haven’t asked one of these questions, maybe you should have:) Go there now >

Tutoring & Mentoring Resources

Everyone needs help from time to time, whether for classes or career. If that’s you, see if we can help! Tutoring > ECE Mentorship Program (AIM) >


Believe it or not, we have a hard time getting our students to apply for these awards. You’re probably much better than you think! Apply for an UG award >

Graduation Information

Wow – you did it! It’s finally time to graduate! Make sure you don’t miss out by missing paperwork. Graduate!


Many of our students want to do research! There are a few opportunities available within the department and around campus. Good luck! Find out about UG research >