EECS 634 (PHYS 611) (APP PHYS 611): Nonlinear Optics

Course Content

  • The variety of nonlinear optical phenomena
  • The time-domain nonlinear response function; anharmonic oscillator model
  • Volterra series expansion for the nonlinear polarization
  • The nonlinear susceptibility; frequency-domain nonlinear polarization
  • Second-order nonlinear effects: second harmonic generation, sum frequency generation, difference frequency generation, optical rectification
  • Phase matching, quasi-phase matching, periodically poled nonlinear materials
  • Parametric amplification and oscillation
  • Cascaded second-order nonlinearitie
  • Third order nonlinear effects: third harmonic generation, four-wave mixing, intensity-dependent refractive index, self-phase modulation, self-focusing, optical bistability, optical phase conjugation, pulse compression, polarization instabilities
  • Temporal solitons, spatial solitons
  • Nonlinear periodic structures, gap solitons
  • Stimulated Raman scattering, stimulated Brillouin scattering
  • Nonlinearities in fiber-optic communications
  • Photorefractive nonlinear optics


Midterm Exam40%
Final Exam40%