EECS 620: Electronic and Optical Properties of Semiconductors

Instructor: Professor Zetian Mi

The course will address important physical processes that control the operation of modern semiconductor devices such as transistors, lasers, detectors and modulators. The topics will be covered with enough rigor to be applicable to real devices. 

  • Bandstructure in bulk semiconductors: The tight binding method and the k.p method will be examined.
  • Bandstructure of quantum wells: The k.p method will be studied to understand the bandstructure of electrons and holes in semiconductor heterostructures.
  • Effect of Strain on Bandstructure: The deformation potential theory will be developed to understand how strain produced by epitaxy affects the electronic properties of quantum wells. We will also discuss piezoelectric effects in semiconductors.
  • Transport in semiconductors: Boltzmann equation will be set up and its solutions discussed. High Field Transport Using Monte Carlo Methods will be discussed and computer simulaions will be carried out.
  • Optical processes in semiconductors and quantum wells. Optical absorption, gain, spontaneous and stimulated emission will be discussed. Excitonic effects will be discussed.
  • Issues in mesoscopic systems
  • Issues in Spintronics:

Students will make an in-class presentation as part of the coursework.


Electronic and Optoelectronic Properties of Semiconductor Structures, by Jasprit Singh, Cambridge University Press 2003.