EECS 330: Introduction to Antennas and Wireless Systems

Instructor: Professor Leung TsangProfessor Fawwaz Ulaby

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Electromagnetic fields and waves applied to antennas and wireless systems.   The course covers waves reflection and transmission, dipoles, arrays, horn, and patch antennas, waveguides, resonators, and their applications in communication and radars systems. Introduction to courses on advanced electromagnetics, communication systems, sensor systems, remote sensing and global navigation systems.

Radio wave propagation and antenna analysis through electromagnetic simulation packages such as HFSS. Fabrication and experimental characterization of designed antennas and microwave systems.

  1. HFSS computer lab : dipole antenna
  2. HFSS computer lab : patch antenna
  3. Doppler Radar
  4. Friis Transmission
  5. Antenna Arrays and Phase Array


  • Fundamentals of Applied Electromagnetics (7th Edition), Fawwaz T. Ulaby, Umberto Ravaioli. Pearson, USA, 2015.
  • Microwave Engineering, David M. Pozar, Chapters 3 (Waveguides) and 6 (Resonators)
  • Course Notes posted


  1. Plane Waves, dielectric media, lossy media, metamaterials
  2. Polarization, Linear, Circular, elliptical polarizations, Stokes parameters
  3. Reflection and transmission,  Fresnel coefficients
  4. Antennas, vector potential, Hertzian dipoles, radiation pattern, Directivity, Gain
  5. Linear antennas
  6. Arrays, phase array
  7. Aperture antennas, vector diffraction, Fourier transform, parabolic reflector
  8. Waveguides, TE and TM modes
  9. Horn antennas, E-horn, H-horn
  10. Resonators, quality factor
  11. Patch antennas, resonator model, circular polarization