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Mission Statement

The mission of the Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) Division is to pursue the discovery, communication, education, and application of fundamental and applied principles of electrical and computer engineering, and to integrate these principles with other engineering, scientific, and medical domains to provide the greatest possible benefit to society. To achieve its mission, the ECE Division will:

  • Educate engineering professionals and researchers in state-of-the art facilities where students and faculty practice the highest standards of professional ethics and acquire the most advanced knowledge and skills to meet the changing needs of society.
  • Conduct research in basic sciences and applied technologies, and encourage collaborative efforts for the discovery and application of new knowledge with awareness of environmental and social impact.
  • Serve the University, the state, the nation, and our multiple professions through the sharing of knowledge, participation in professional activities, and the establishment of academic, government, and industrial partnerships to promote innovation and develop technologies that improve the lives of all citizens.
  • Recognize that the strength and success of our division is intimately tied to the strength and success of our partner division, Computer Science and Engineering, all departments in the College of Engineering, and the University of Michigan as a whole.

Inherent in the mission is a dedication to stimulate the development of the faculty and staff and to inspire students to develop attitudes and skills necessary for continued professional growth. In the pursuit of its mission, the ECE Division will foster and exemplify equality and fairness for all of its members.